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Customized Services

  • Village Maps in standard drawing format
  • Village Maps in Pdf format
  • Village Maps in KML/KMZ format to be viewed on Google earth.
  • Village Maps with Google Satellite image overlay in both standard drawing and Pdf format.
  • Customize REAL Application to showcase your owned properties and also add software features as per your requirement.
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Customized Dashboard

Design your own dashboard, Add your own features…

While you focus on your business requirements, REAL keeps collecting activity data and prepares tailored reports as per your interest.

Custom REAL provides you with an ability to manage properties shared by your team members, announcements within team members, property data bank, legal documentation work status etc. and also entire reporting and data management capabilities.

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Data collection using highly accurate GPS / DGPS

Overlay Google Maps, Add Custom Data, Conduct on ground survey…

Core capability of REAL is overlaying of village maps with Google maps. Coupling it with high end GPS/DGPS survey enhances this further.

While adding custom data of your own layout, REAL team is available to visit the site to record the ground control points and to display accurate coordinates of each and every plot from your layout.

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Adding your own layouts

Impress Clients with automated site visits, integrate survey info with Google maps, Exhibit technological edge over competitors…

You can use REAL as your decision-making tool at the same time your sales team could use the same application to engage with your potential customers. Your customers will surely appreciate if you can show them properties of their interest over Google maps along with advanced overlaying facilities.

REAL helps you to seamlessly integrate survey number data with the layout plan and publish it over the web along with Google maps.


Integration with your own website

Integrate REAL with your website, Add Layouts on your own website, impress customers with latest showcasing technology…

Integrate Custom REAL with your own layouts within your website and let your customers find the details. This will surely bring in more clarity to potential customer and enhance your business value proposition.



Construct customized MIS system for your team, Manage properties and data as per your specification use easy to share multiple user dashboards…

Management Information System Tool allows users to create a core user team within your organization. This allows you to make announcements and add information to specific properties along with more such features. This allows the user's team to keep the communication clear to increase efficiency within the team.