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1. What is REAL Maps?

Ans. REAL Maps is an online Private Company where Survey numbers & Village maps are superimposed on Google maps and provided in a report format.

2. Which States are available in REAL?

Ans. Maharashtra, Gujarat and Haryana (Coming Soon)

3. What information do I get in the report?

Ans. In the report you get information of a particular Survey no Map of the Village in a Taluka of a District.

4. Can I access the 7/12 information?

Ans. The 7/12 information is available at an additional cost which will be provided along with the report. Please Note: The source of this information is the Government’s official website.

5. Are Village Naksha’s available in the Report?

Ans. Yes, the Village Naksha’s are available with boundaries only for a particular survey no along with adjoining survey nos.

6. Are Hissa numbers available in REAL?

Ans. No, Hissa number details are not available in the report.

7. How accurate is REAL maps?

Ans. The tolerance limit of the boundaries is 5% to the actual boundary.

8. What do I get in the Report?

Ans. In the report, you will get information about a particular District, Taluka, Village and survey no map superimposed on google map along with the adjoining surveys numbers of that particular area.

Geographical Information such as Latitude and Longitude, Land Elevation information will be available in the report along with nearby locations such as road networks and water bodies.