Smart Maps; Search and Personalize

Allows users to search Land Survey Records, Village Maps, Planning Maps, and more…

Smart Search allows user to interact with maps with just a few clicks. Users can select taluka/village and the land survey number of interest and derive the desired information. REAL doesn’t just show village maps of Maharashtra or planning maps but also allows user to interact with these maps with street view.

REAL data helps users to get the current applicable zone for the particular land survey parcel which then becomes an important criterion to analyse property for potential usage.

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Google Earth Integration

Allows Google Earth Overlays, Maps with Street Views, and superimposition on desired maps…

All village maps of Maharashtra which users can find within REAL can be superimposed over satellite images from Google. This feature not only enhances user experience about the location of the property but also connects the user to the real life imagery. It also helps user to precisely understand the details of the surroundings and other intricacies of the selected property. Without GIS technology it would be very difficult to achieve this precise integration of these two different types of data.

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Measurements and Zoning

Allows you to measure distances from highways, roads, water bodies; Allows measurement of area, buffer zone, Distance from Gaothan and more…

Factors such as the distances from the approach road or highways, measurement of the area of the land parcel form an integral part of decision making. REAL users can do all this without physically visiting the site. With just a few mouse clicks you can find various distances and measurements for any portion of land.

Just like distance measurement, knowing buffer zones is of prime importance in selection of property. The most important challenge for any land owner is to understand the surrounding areas of the property to find out if the proposed location is within 500m from Gaothan or its distance from a nearby dam etc. The Buffer Zone feature draws a buffer surrounding the survey boundary with the provided limits (50m/100m/500m, etc) and highlights the region resulted from query.


Documentation Management

Attach documents like Sale Deeds, Photographs, Mutation Entries, Property acquisition details, Maharashtra Mahabhulekh Land records and more…

Documentation Management System of REAL is an independent module which allows users to manage documents and to assign particular documents to specific properties. This feature enables users to keep records related to the particular piece of land within the specified frame work along with the documents such as Paper Notices, agreement copies, etc. This feature also provides ample storage space to attach photographs associated with a each property.


Data Migration and Sharing Tool

Create KML, Create PDF, Create Links for specific properties, Create Property specific reports, and more…

This feature allows users to create multiple formats of documentation to share with clients and/or internal team. Be it property Survey records, KML or any other desired documentation, hard copies in various formats can be prepared on the go.


Multi Featured Dashboard

Create multiple users, Share data with users within team, Manage property holdings, Assign land maps with survey no.s to specific users, and more…

Collaboration Tool allows users to create a core group within user's organization. This feature not only connects you with your team but also allows you to make announcements and add comments to specific properties along with more such features. This allows the user's team to keep the communication clear to increase efficiency within the team.