Property Identification

GeoSpatial Design Labs is engaged in servicing its clients to resolve the pressing business needs using the GIS technology. Domain specific resources and the IT experts work together to understand the business needs translate them in the technology and deliver the solutions.

REAL has enormous inbuilt data and can be customized to cater to domain specific requirements. REAL is a tailored cloud software application available as SaaS model. REAL derives its unique offering from the technological fusion of GIS with cloud computing. REAL is a proven platform and is being used by clients in the Aviation and Real Estate Industry for the last 10 years. REAL also has Project management features coupled with the GIS platform which allow stakeholders to graphically visualize the project progress and to support effective decision-making process.

REAL Property Identification Report contains details of a particular land parcel comprising its exact location with the area of the land, elevation information, nearby locations, ownership information, and Transaction History, Aadhar verification and Farm Health Card. Some of the attributes of REAL are

  1. REAL is a SaaS model GIS application.
  2. First of its kind GIS based project management tool.
  3. Can be integrated to the different software applications.
  4. Customizable to the domain specific requirements.
  5. Standard report is generated in PDF format.

Along with the details REAL also provide Bankers with following details in the same report for the property identification of the agriculture loan applicant:

  • Nearby landmarks & bank branches.
  • Ownership records can be sourced from government portals.


  1. Identification of Land made efficient & transparent through a click of a button
  2. No Human Intervention in the identification process
  3. Reduction in TAT helps in faster and proper decision
  4. Control over fraudulent cases
  5. Vegetation analysis to estimate the performance of a farm land
  6. Standardization of reports across all states
  7. Standard digital request dashboard making the process fool proof