What is Gat kramank(survey number) and Saat Bara (7/12) – 8A?

Gat kramank (survey number)

In order to maintain the records, a survey number (Gat Kramank) is given to a specific piece of land. The record contains the information of location, size, shape, and ownership of the land.

Saat bara (7/12)

The 7/12 Extract Document is an extract from the land register of any district, maintained by the revenue department of the state government of Maharashtra. It is traditionally called 'Saat Baara Utara' in Maharashtra.

What does REAL Maps provide?

REAL provides a consolidated report which is generated in a short span of time for Gujarat Land Records (ANYROR).

A Sample REAL Report provides a report which consists of a variety of information regarding a particular gat kramank (survey number). Also a map (gaonnaksha) where that particular gat no. is highlighted along with adjoining gat kramank (survey numbers). Information provided includes

  1. Google maps with survey numbers
  2. Distances from the approach road or highways
  3. Nearby water bodies
  4. Area measurement of the property
  5. Latitude and longitude
  6. Elevation

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